What we do

Casting & Pre-Production

At Peacock Sound, we can take your project from the character’s inception and find the perfect cast. We can help you find individual characters, whether celebrities or unknown artist and whole casts.

If you need a series or feature film casting we would require a full brief and breakdown of characters and we can hold casting sessions to make sure you get the right voice and personality you envision for each character.

Over the past few years we are proud to have cast numerous well known series such as Hilda, Thunderbirds Are Go!, Dangermouse, Q Pootle 5, Tree Fu Tom, Boyster, Henry Hugglemonster, Octonauts, Go Jetters, Peter Rabbit, and many more including some still in the production stages.

As part of the pre-production process, we can offer or organise; script translations and polishes, line counts, ADR preparation, scheduling artists and contract negotiations.